3 Exercises to Get Trim, Toned Arms

One of the popular fitness goals for many people is to achieve really toned arms, especially amongst many women, since female bodies are predisposed to store more fat in the arms, hips and thighs. It’s a good thing that places where the body likes to store fat is also where the fat burns faster as well. Accompanied with the right diet, getting the shape of the arms you want can be achieved with the right exercises. Here are some of the exercises to get toned and trim arms! Remember, results don’t happen overnight but stick with it and you’ll see great benefits.

1. Arm Circles

This is a good exercise, especially for beginners. Use a 3-pound dumbbell for this exercise. To do a proper arm circle, start with your feet shoulder-width apart. Extend both of your arms sideways. Start moving your arms backwards in a circular motion while keeping your shoulders down. Do 20 reps of this, and then switch directions by moving your arms forward in a circular motion.

2. Biceps Curl

To do this exercise, put your feet close together. Carry your dumbbells while your palms are facing forward. Make sure to hold the weight at your sides and keep your elbows close in at your sides throughout the full range of motion. Then, focus on your biceps as you curl the weights in front of you and to your shoulders. Keep your muscles tight as you lift and lower the dumbbells.

3. Arms Swings

This exercise is especially good for your triceps, shoulders, chest and back. Start by putting your feet together and a slight bend in your knees. Hold a dumbbell in each hand, with your palms facing each other, elbows locked. Now begin to bend forward on a 45-degree angle and keeping your gaze at the floor in front of you. Then, engage your core while keeping your shoulders down. Extend your arms to reach maximum distance between your dumbbells as you swing one arm forward while swinging one arm backward, and vice versa, which counts as one rep.

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