Easy Core-Strengthening Exercises

More than achieving those tight and lean core muscles, having a strong core allows you to get through various physical tasks you do every day without hurting yourself. Incredible core strength will improve your overall health and will make daily physical tasks easier, so why not pay attention to your core now? Here are some great exercises you can do to make your core stronger:

1. Circle Plank

To do a circle plank, start in the plank position and tighten your abs, pulling your right knee in and try to circle it clockwise, then do this anticlockwise. Make sure that you are staying in your position while doing the movements. Do this five times, then move on to your left knee.

2. Side Balance Crunch

Crunches are considered a classic for core-strengthening. Start this exercise by putting your left knee and left hand onto the floor and straighten up your right arm so it is pointing upward. The next step is to extend your right leg. You should be forming a straight line at this point. Start pulling your right knee toward your torso and then right elbow toward your knee, then straighten arm and leg once more. Do this exercise ten times, then do the other side.

3. Bridge

This type of exercise will strengthen several of your core muscles at once. The first thing you should do is to lie on your back. Bend your knees while your back remains in a neutral position, neither arched nor pressed on the floor. After this, start tightening your abdominal muscles while avoiding tilting your hips. Then raise your hips from the floor until they are aligned with your shoulders and knees. Keep this movement for three deep exhales. Now go back to your starting point and repeat!

When it comes to core-strengthening exercises, sometimes all you need is a mat or a carpeted floor, some deep breathing and you’re on your way to having a powerful core! For the best equipment and guidance for your exercise regime, choose our gym at Narre Warren or a personal trainer at Noble Park. We are a 24/7 gym you can go to any time!

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