Advantages of Hiring A Personal Trainer

Yes you can exercise all by yourself, but the reality is most of us won’t.  Good intentions don’t get you off the sofa, but an appointment with the personal trainer will.

D.I.Y training and healthy diet plans are okay and they tend to last as long as your initial motivation, which probably isn’t as long as you need it to be.  Plus, are you sure the plan you researched is the best plan for your body, and how will you deal with any old injuries or niggles you get in your shoulder, or knee, or back?

Even if you are committed to diet and exercise, how do you know that what you’re doing is actually helping you reach your goal? The assistance and guidance a good personal trainer can give you will help you become stronger, fitter and healthier.

These are just some benefits of having a personal trainer:

Goal Setting

Step one to achieving a goal is setting the goal.  Whether the aim is to run a marathon, swim a kilometre or to have six-pack abs, if you have a goal in mind you can make a plan to achieve it. A personal trainer can help you with your goals, give you realistic time tables, and help keep you motivated along the way to ensure you succeed.

A Personal Plan

The whole idea of a Personal Trainer is that you get a personal plan.  Sure you can find a 30-minute programme online, but will it help you achieve your specific goal?  A good personal trainer will get to know you, they’ll know what you’re physically capable of, they’ll know what helps and hinders your progress, they’ll know what you refuse to do and work around it. From a balanced diet targeted specifically for you, to a personal exercise routine, when you have a personal trainer, you have a plan just for you.

The Right Technique

Video tutorials can’t give you feedback.  Sometimes just a slight alteration to what you see on the screen means you’re not working the right muscles, and without someone checking on you, you’ll never know… until you feel a twinge in your back or your neck.  A good personal trainer is hands-on, helping make sure you do exercises properly and don’t injure yourself.


When you’re doing it by yourself, and it’s raining, and you’re tired, and you’ve got lots to do, it’s easy to skip the run, or miss a gym session.  When you have an appointment with a personal trainer the excuses don’t work.  Your trainer will remind you of your goals and not accept your excuses.  Your personal trainer will keep you accountable.

Develop Good Habits

When you have someone in your corner reminding you how to be disciplined and encouraging you to continue, over time you will change your mindset. Forming new habits requires continuous practice and total self-control. Doing that alone can be really hard, but with a personal trainer, you have the support and encouragement to succeed.

To get help achieving your fitness goals, visit XFC Gym now and meet the professional personal trainers in Noble Park or Narre Warren. They’ll help you reach your fitness goals in no time!

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