Best Exercises To Keep Your Body Fat Free

Admit it or not, we all want to be fit and fab. Most of us, especially those in their mid 20’s to early 30’s, dream of having and maintaining a beach body, but find it nearly impossible. Some blame it on age, lifestyle, stress, and lack of resources, when in fact it’s all about their level of commitment. Are they really determined to do it or not?

How about a few easy exercises to get you going? Are you ready?


One of the basic exercises that most people ignore or take for granted. Of course, you don’t lose weight right away, but you will feel better if you take this seriously and commit most days. Whenever you run or jog, you sweat out all the bad fats inside your body. Moreover, your patience and determination are also stretched, not bad, right? 

Jump Rope

Jump rope is a great cardio exercise. So easy, even kids can do it, so there’s no reason why you can’t. Pick up that rope, and start jumping your way out that mindset. Try to sing a song while doing it and enjoy it more. 

Push Ups

If you want to work on your upper core, then this is the right choice. Push ups are probably the best way to kick start your fitness journey. Always remember to breathe in and breathe out during the entire routine and do the bent-over row technique properly to avoid unnecessary back pain.

Sit Up

One of the best exercises to get the abs going. Do this routine on a mat where your back can comfortably lie during the entire session. 


If you think a minute can pass by fast, then planking is the one for you. Unlike push ups and sit ups, you do not need to move at all. Make sure to keep your hips and legs as still as possible. This exercise will strengthen your deepest abdominal muscles which can help with that flat stomach.


When done properly, squats can slim your thighs and tighten your butt. Make sure to keep good form, not doing so can result in lower back pain. Use dumbbells to engage your shoulders and get more out of your squats. 

It’s ok to to admit you can’t do it all alone, that’s why you can always pay a visit to a 24 7 gym and even get yourself a personal trainer to guide you all throughout your fitness journey. There’s nothing wrong in wanting to look slim and feel great, as long as you are doing it the healthy way.

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