Ways to Get Your Body Ready for Summer

Spring has sprung, which means summer is just around the corner – and that means it’s nearly time to hit the beach. We all want to look good and feel confident in our bathers, so with that in mind, it’s time to get organised and finally get that summer body you’ve been dreaming of. Here are some tips to help.

Drink more water

Water is a must, no exceptions!  Drink at least eight glasses of water every day. Dehydration affects your performance; it can make your body stop sweating which can limit your body movements. Drink water before each meal to make exercising feel easier. An ice-cold glass of it can also boost metabolism.

Reduce your carb intake

Say goodbye to sugar-sweetened drinks, fruit juices, white bread, biscuits, pasta, and other processed, starchy carbohydrates! Most of these foods can cause water retention and bloating because they contain too much salt and preservatives. Reduce your carb intake or go for a low-carb diet to get a fitter body. You want meals of vegetables, fruits, and lean protein.

Drink green tea

Green tea is a natural diuretic. Sipping it is one of the greatest ways to lose weight. It increases fat burning and boosts metabolism. Plus green tea is loaded with antioxidants which are great for health, it improves brain function, fights diseases, and has loads more goodness.
Other natural diuretics include lemon, cucumber, asparagus, and other foods with a higher concentration of potassium, magnesium, vitamin C, and/or caffeine.

Cut down on alcohol

We’re not saying give it up completely, but if you can lay off the booze for a bit, you’ll be doing yourself a favour.  Cutting down on alcohol means you’ll reduce your total calorie intake mostly from carbohydrates. You’ll also probably sleep better, have clearer skin, improve metabolism, and you might stop overeating.

Tip: when you do drink, go one for one.  One alcoholic drink, one glass of water.  It’ll help you cut down on total drinks and prevent dehydration.

Work out in a 24/7 gym

It’s hard to find time to work out with a busy schedule like yours, so enrol at a gym that’s open for you 24/7. Time management, discipline, dedication, and a combination of strength and cardio programs will help you achieve a slimmer version of yourself.

Enrol now at a gym in Narre Warren or Noble Park and be ready for this year’s summer. Good luck, you can do it!

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