Why You Should Incorporate Squats in your Workout Routine NOW

You’ve heard how squats can do wonders for your legs and why you should keep it in your routine simply for that, but this relatively easy and convenient workout has a great range of benefits that make it an absolute staple. Here are some reasons why squats are one of the best exercises for you to do right now.

1. Squats improve strength

One of the leading reasons why squats are good for you is they make your whole body stronger. It’s a muscle-building workout that enables your body to release hormones that encourages you to build muscle and fight diseases to keep you healthy. When you’re squatting, little do you know that you’re also improving your core strength, which is what we use whenever we have to exert effort when moving. Due to the muscles that you build with a consistent workout, you’ll find it easier whenever you have to participate in athletic activities.

2. Squats make you sexy

Want to achieve that healthy-looking body you’d like to show off? The mere act of squatting is really good for your abs and butt. Doing this workout has more firming capabilities than you think, which is why it’s so popular since it’s such a simple yet effective workout that helps tone your body. You can’t spot-reduce fat, but you can target certain areas of your body to build and tone muscle to improve your shape.

3. Squats are convenient

Squats aren’t just important, you can do them anywhere, and who can ask for more when there’s an effective workout that simply requires some space and the know-how of doing it? If you don’t have any gym equipment, doing squats is the exercise for you. Do bodyweight squats, squat jumps, or hold any heavy (safe) household object to up the challenge, like a phone book. It’s such a practical and money-saving option that anyone can add it to their routine.

4. Squatting is a low impact exercise that burns fat

If you aim to burn fat but find due to injury or other factors jumping around or rapid movement is difficult, you don’t have to worry as much when doing squats. They’re a low impact exercise, and you can adjust the difficulty if you’re concerned about a strained back or weak knees. Squatting also helps you burn those fats since they help you build muscle, which increases your BMR and ability to burn calories while at rest.

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