Why You Need to Try Yoga

Every day we feel stress. We stress about running late, work, school, traffic, bills, personal problems, we’re always dealing with some level of stress. As that level rises, you might start to feel frustrated or anxious, or find yourself unable to focus or concentrate properly. If your stress levels are on the rise, yoga might help.

Destress with Yoga

Here are just some reasons to give yoga a go.

Reduces stress and anxiety

  • With regular practice, the breathing techniques of yoga can calm the mind and body. It increases levels of chemicals in the brain that help fight anxiety and depression.

Helps you focus

  • Yoga helps you to focus on the present. By physically focusing on your breathing you’ll help to calm the mind and get your thoughts organised.

Improves blood circulation

  • Yoga is a great exercise for blood circulation; poor circulation can be improved through deep breathing and different poses. Yoga also helps lower blood pressure.

Improves flexibility and posture

  • Daily yoga will make you more flexible. Consistent practice can increase motion in tight areas like your back, shoulders, and hamstrings.

Builds muscle strength

  • Even though it has a funny name, a pose like downward facing dog can tone muscle and help balance; downward facing dog specifically strengthens the arms and legs.

Makes you happier

  • Yoga can improve depression; it can help you be emotionally stronger as a person. Regular yoga and/or meditation could result in higher serotonin levels (the happiness hormone).


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